Audrey is a Jack of all trades.  I have seen her in about 10 different jobs and she has proven herself ambitious and successful in all.  Despite being very skilled in public speaking, the NGO world, a peace activist and an exceptional poet I believe now Audrey is following what she is truly passionate about – which is helping others with inner peace.   When Audrey gives you her attention, she gives you 200 percent.  She is one step ahead of the conversation or the situation.  Audrey is so understanding that she barley needs to even touch her hands on you to help you out.  She is an exceptional massage therapist and has just done this naturally for over 20 years, finally now she is just charging people!

M. M.

Audrey Howatson is one of the most positive and upbeat people I have ever known.  Not only have I known her for over 20 years, I have tried all of her services and I would recommend her services to any human looking to rise up and get stronger, get fitter and feel better about themselves.  I am always in her spin classes and the energy that she exudes is incredible.


When I first heard about this new Massage that Audrey was doing (Raynor Massage) I was a bit freaked out.  I was not really into having any kind of emotional release in front of another, but when I thought about it more; Audrey would be pretty much the only person that I would feel comfortable having this kind of release.   She is totally non judgmental and has had more experience in life than a 90 year old.  I have had some sexual trauma in the past and do not really like to talk about it with many people.  One day, when I was feeling brave I decided to get a Raynor massage with a combination of Reiki with Audrey in the comfort of my home.  Since this session and the sessions to follow, I feel so much lighter, so much younger, so much less stressed.  I cannot say that 100 percent of my baggage is gone, but I feel like her Raynor massages are like better than the 15 years of counselling I have had.  I keep on going to her.  One thing I would say is don’t do 60 minutes of any of her massages – if you do a Raynor massage do at least 90 minutes.  You will not be disappointed and only be sincerely grateful.  She beats any RMT I have gone to and knows way more about anatomy because of her personal training.  I also recommend to do a massage session with Reiki – pure bliss.

Barb N.

I hate the gym, hate going, hate everything about it.  I decided  I needed a personal trainer to get some tips on how to train better and how to get some tools to keep in better shape.  Audrey Howatson was so awesome and she was very generous with her time, her energy, her answers and took a lot of time to get to know me and the goals I wanted to accomplish.  She was really fun to work with, never a boring time with this lady –  and despite her playfulness she is always professional, on time, there with bells on and integral to what we were doing.  I lost over 20 pounds working with her and from experience with Audrey and I am forever Grateful!  I recommend her with my heart, bicepts and soul! 😉

Katherine M.

I am a man and I am generally open to massage but not things like Reiki.  Once Audrey told me about Reiki, I was sceptical, but she seemed passionate about it and I like this in a person so I gave it a try.  I have never since this time encountered something so profound and felt like through different sessions with Audrey I was able to release some very deep and embedded emotions in me.  I am very grateful in believing in her services and I am sincerely grateful for what she has done for me.  I would recommend Audrey as a person, as well as her services to literally anyone.